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Golden Oldie Thursday: Blue

This week's theme in the GOT Challenge is Blue! I had at least two blue polishes when I was in middle school. One was from Petites and the other, well I don't remember the brand, but it was a blue glitter topper, with red glitters mixed in that smelled like Blueberry once dried. (Does anyone remember anything like that from the 90's?)

Anyway, I don't own either of those polishes anymore, but I do have an oldie, but goodie, blue that I use all the time. Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue.

Polishes Used:
-Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue
-Konad - White
-Out The Door
-MASH Plate - 41

I really do often use this blue shade, mainly in nail art or as accent nails (all blue wouldn't go over so well at work these days) but this is a nice shade that I will continue to keep in my collection. I didn't want to leave my nails plain blue, so I added the zebra stripes with MASH-41 plate and my trusty Konad White. I have used Konad White as my Go-To Stamping white for at least 2 years ago (and even though this is a new bottle, it's still the same color so that sort of counts too right? lol)

What do you think? Loving this blue zebra look?


February Nail Art Challenge - Animal Print

Happy Mardi Gras! However, I am not doing a Mardi Gras themed mani; since it is Animal Print day of the February Nail Art Challenge. So obviously, I had to use my favorite Konad plate; for my Zebra Print!

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Essence - Black is Back
-NYC - Fucshia Shock Cream
-Sally Hansen - White On
-Claire's - Cherry
-Konad - White
-Konad Plate m57

I really love this mani! It is super fun and I love when I use Zebra print! I wish I could have worn it to work but I had lots of meeting including some suppliers in from out of state so I had to keep it "calm". 

Zebra print can be perfect for any holiday; lol; just change up the colors, so you know you will be seeing a St. Patty's day Zebra, an Easter Zebra, etc. hehe

P.S. If you're still craving a Mardi Gras mani, here is a reminder of my NYE Party Gras mani!