Doctor Lacquer - Malicious Pleasure

I recently purchased a polish that I saw on Instagram, Doctor Lacquer - Malicious Pleasure.

Malicious Pleasure is described as, "MALICIOUS PLEASURE is a cold-sensitive cotton candy pink (warm) to salmon pink (cold) thermal linear holographic polish".

I am wearing two coats of color with topcoat in the pictures. So obviously I loved this shade when I saw it, it was pink and coral and light and would be perfect for work, so I had to have it.

To be honest I wasn't really sure what "cold-sensitive" vs "warm-sensitive" ment when it came to thermal, so luckily it was described on the Doctor Lacquer website. Warm-sensitive thermals in this collection have more drastic color change, while the cold-sensitive ones are more gradual. (Yay for learning something new everyday)

Do you own any Doctor Lacquer polishes? If so, which ones?


Twinsie Tuesday: Matte & Gloss Combo

This week's Twinsie Tuesday theme is Matte & Gloss Combo. I went with something simple.

Polishes Used:
-Sinful Colors - Savage

I felt nostalgic this week and decided to use my first matte polish that I had. I got this when I first started getting into blogging and to be honest, haven't worn it very much since. I went simple for this look with a base of Savage and then dotted on my "gloss", aka Gelous, topcoat.

Unfortunately it's sort of hard to tell in the pictures, and just looks like a wonky flash, but you can take my word for it, it's matte & gloss :-P

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The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Music/Movies/TV - Week 3

Today I am back with my third Nail Challenge Collaborative look for April. Today I was once against inspired by TV. As you know, my husband and I recently binge-watched the entire series of Breaking Bad. It is a really good show, if you haven't seen it, set some time aside and get ready for a Netflix Breaking Bad marathon.

Polishes Used:
-Orly - White Tips
-KB Shimmer - I'd Rather Be With Blue

So if you have seen the show, I hope you know what I was going for here; Blue Meth! I wasn't exactly sure how to create the look so I started with a white base and added blue then did the Saran Wrap method. Once that was done, I added some topcoat and sprinkled on some salt (I was going to use sugar but couldn't find any) and voila.

Does it look reminiscent of blue meth? (form the show, not from real life!)

Don't forget if you are interested in joining the ladies of the Nail Challenge Collaborative, please email me with a link to your blog. You need to be able to commit to posting 4 manis a month, that match the theme of the month.


Easter Mani

Happy Easter! I hope all who celebrate are having a nice day. As I mentioned yesterday I haven't really done any Easter nail art, but I will show you my "Easter" mani. It's purple and pastel so close enough right? :-P

Polishes Used:
-Precision Nail Lacquer - Walking on Air
-Acrylic Paints

I had the purple base and couldn't decide what to do with it, so I checked out one of my favorite You Tube Tutorial Channels, that of  Jaunty Juli. I really like her channel because she makes all of the manis that she creates, easy to re-create by watching the tutorials. For this look I followed her Ombré Fern Silhouette Nail Art tutorial. Instead of the blue, I decided that this would totally work with the purple that I already had on my nails.

I like how this look turned out although I do wish that I would have mixed my first "fern" color to be a little darker because it is too similar to Walking on Air. When I had this look on, I went to McDonalds and the girl who was working the drive through did a double take on my nails and then asked me to see them and told me how much she liked them; I love when that happens :)

Enjoy the rest of your Easter day!



OPI - Next Stop... The Bikini Zone

I recently won the OPI Brazil mini set from a giveaway, and today I'll be sharing with you Next Stop... The Bikini Zone. I actually wore this mani for a couple of days, which is rare, just because I really liked the color.

I am wearing two coats of color with topcoat. This shade has a little bit of everything, purple, duochrome, shimmers, etc. I had a hard time photographing it thought, my flash really gave it a gnarly look.

It feels weird that tomorrow is Easter and I haven't really done any Easter nails; but like I said, April has been somewhat crazy so I'm just trying to keep up with having posts :)

Do you own any shades from the Brazil Collection? If so, which ones?