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The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Recreate Your First 4 Mani's - Look 4

I'm here with my final re-creation of the month; I really enjoyed re-creating these looks so maybe I will get a fifth one in, who knows.

So my next original look was polka dots; I just so happened to use the same color scheme as my last re-creation look so I did decide to switch the colors this week.

The original had a mint base with white dots so I switched it up to blue and yellow. The blue is China Glaze Electric Beat and the yellow is Rica Mellow Yellow. Dots are super simple to create and there are so many color combinations to try.

Here's the comparison:

What do you think? My skills have improved and I like seeing these side by side comparisons. Let's check out what the other ladies did!


The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Recreate Your First 4 Mani's - Look 3

TGIF!!! So glad that it's almost the weekend :) Also, I'm doing a good job and getting these NCC looks completed; so fun re-creating looks you liked and looks you didn't like so much. Today I'm re-creating my third look, one that I loved the first time and still think is a nice simple look now too.

Polishes Used:
-Essie - Absolutely Shore
-Rica - Whiteout
-Essie - Your Hut or Mine

For this look I did use a different base than what I did in the original. This one is a bit lighter which I was feeling since it's the summer time.

As I mentioned before I loved the look then and still think its super cute and very easy, anyone can create.

On a side note I am trying out a new round nail shape after Sarah from Chalkboard Nails told me to just go for it, they'll grow out after all. LOL. I really like them so I'm glad that I went for it.

Let's take a look at the ladies re-creations!


The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Recreate Your First 4 Mani's - Look 2

I know I just posted my first re-creation on Monday, but I'm back in action today with my second one. The second look that I posted on my blog was a half moon design, which you can see here.

In my original post, I mention that half moons are on trend. I think that they still are cute and trendy and love all the ways that people have been able to create different looks with them.

I used the same polishes in this look as I did in the original, OPI On Collins Ave, and Essie Plumberry. Both of these shades are colors that I would wear alone now, just like in my first post, I do feel that colors with more contrast would have really made the look pop.

I think you can see the color contrast better in the original photo lighting lol. (I also only used one coat of plumberry this time around where-as I used two the first time) Anyway, I went with something even simpler on my re-creation by skipping the accent nail and making my half moons "shallower". This was a super simple look to create then as it was this time around as well.

Can't wait to see the ladies' second re-creations!


The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Recreate Your First 4 Mani's - Look 1

This month's theme in the Nail Challenge Collaborative is "Recreate your first 4 mani's". I voted for this and thought it would be really cool, until I went back and looked at my first four looks; I am pretty sure that only one, maybe two, would be something I would wear again.

You could interpret this theme to be an exact re-creation, something "inspired by", using the same technique, etc. but I decided to try to stay as close to the originals as possible with only minor modifications.

This is a re-creation of the VERY FIRST blog post that I posted, which you can see here. The base color that I used was OPI Chicago Champagne Toast. I had just received that color as a gift, when I received it, it was a color that I would wear a lot, 2 1/2 years later, not so much, but I won't part with any of my OPIs so lucky me, I still owned this shade for the re-creation mani.

As you can see in the original look, I had a bit of a half stamped half plain look which is actually kind of cool, except the reason I had it like that was because I wasn't very good at stamping so I was lucky to get half a nail stamped; but hey, necessity is the mother of invention, right? I also had some bling on my original look, which I chose to omit in the re-creation since the base is a bit metallic on its own.

So there you have it, my "first" re-creation. If I wasn't sticking to the original colors I would have chose a nice tan cream for the base and done a traditional leopard print, but I really liked the idea of keeping it as close to the original as possible.

Check out how the other ladies have re-created their first looks.


The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Black & White - Week 4

So I was loving the Black & White theme so much that I decided to do my 4th and final look early! Two NCC look's in one week?! Lucky You!

If you follow me on Instagram you already saw a sneak peek at this look.

This is the look that I wore on my actual birthday and for a couple days afterwards. I got a TON of compliments on it, guys, girls, strangers, etc.

These are actually Formula X ASAP 5-finger- Real Nail Lacquer Appliqués from Sephora. You can find them HERE. There were 8 different designs in the package so you can see the designs that I didn't have an opportunity to use below.

I found these appliques to be similar to some of the other appliques that I have tried previously, such as the Incoco strips.

I still have some money left on a Sephora GiftCard so chances are I will pick up another package of appliques next time I'm in the store.

Check out how the other ladies of the Nail Challenge Collaborative have incorporated Black & White into their final June looks :)


The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Black & White - Week 3

I'm already onto my 3rd June Nail Challenge Collaborative mani which a pretty good pace for me. Whoohoo! So I recently met up with a couple Pittsburgh nail ladies and fellow NCC girl, Nicole, gifted me my very first MoYou London stamping plate! How sweet!

For this look I started with a simple white base of Orly White Tips; once it was dry I stamped with black the flower pattern (Plate - Pro Collection 06). I had been wanting to try the lead light technique for a while so I created some jelly polishes and tried it out. Not bad for my first attempt! I thought it would look cool matte so I added some Hard Candy matte topcoat.

Soooo, it just happens to be my birthday and after my first experience with MoYou London Plates was so lovely, I think I'll be treating myself to a couple more for my collection!

Check out what the other lovely ladies did for their 3rd Black and White manis!


The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Black & White - Week 2

Black & White Week 2; for my second Nail Challenge Collaborative June mani, I decided to do some simple white stamping over a black base.

Polishes Used:
-KB Shimmer - Eclipse
-Konad - White
-Cheeky Jumbo Plate 8 - Princess Charming

As I mentioned before, I just wanted to do something really simple and easy and black and white stamping is perfect for just that. This would be a fun look to do a little lead lighting with jelly polishes over top of to bring out some pops of color, but I decided to keep this plain while I wore it.

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The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Black & White - Week 1

Welcome to June! I seriously cannot believe that we are already into June. It's good because my Anniversary and Birthday are in June, but it's crazy how fast the year is flying by!

The June theme for the Nail Challenge Collaborative in Black & White; I voted for this theme so am excited to get some looks together. Today my look is Black & White and Neon & On & On. LOL.

Polishes Used:
-China Glaze - Neon & On & On
-Konad - White
-Konad - Black

For this look, I started in probably the most opposite way of having the China Glaze down first. Once that was dry I added the white half; which I really love because I used striping tape and got a nice crisp line. Unfortunately, I free-handed the black because I was impatient and didn't want to wait for the white to dry, you can definitely tell that I freehanded it because it just doesn't look clean. My bad for sure on that one. I also got a little impatient with the topcoat and you can see the result of that on my ring finger. Womp Womp.

Overall, I like this look, but would have loved it if I would have taken the time to properly execute.

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The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Skittles - Week 4

I'm getting this final look just in the nick of time with 1 day to spare in May. I had been wanting to do this mani since Skittles was announced as the theme for the month.


(P.S. I like the article that the image is from - not that I liked Lime but why'd they go changing it to green apple on us)

Literal Skittle Nails! Skittles are one of my favorite candies and I love all flavors of them, my all time most favorite are the tropical skittles that come in the sky blue bag. They don't sell them at all stores, so when I see them I always grab a pack for myself :-P

Polishes Used:
-Orly - White Tips
-Essie - Fishnet Stockings
-Zoya - Pippa
-Zoya - Josie
-Sinful Colors - Hazard
-Wet 'n Wild - Disturbia
-Konad - White
-Hard Candy - Matte-ly In Love

I thought that these nails came out fun and doubled checked with my husband before posting them to see if they were recognizable or not, he said they were so I thought that was good. I don't LOVE the "S"'s that I did, I am never good with curved lines / letting with my current nail art brush, but I think the idea is conveyed.

What do you think about this mani? What about the candy?

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