Shimmer Polish - Stephanie

Today I am so excited to be showing you swatches of my first Shimmer polish. There are so many lovely shades that Shimmer carries, but of course, for my first, I HAD to choose, Stephanie!

Polishes Used:
-China Glaze - Electric Beat (Pinky and Pointer)
-Sinful Colors - Ciao Bella (Middle and Ring)
-Shimmer - Stephanie
-No Time

I was dying to see how this polish looked over a couple different blues which is why I used both Electric Beat and Ciao Bella for my undies. This glitter polish is ridiculously gorgeous and has TONS of glitter in just one coat (which I have on in the photos). 

I was so excited to see this polish on when I first go it, that I swatched it over a red as well (Sinful Colors - GoGo Girl). Here is that picture:

Yep, still looks awesome. 

I picked this polish up on the Shimmer Polish shop on etsy and you can too!

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  1. Great choice! It looks wonderful :)

  2. You know I love it. I want to see it with peach, lavender, and violet undies too!

  3. I was just looking at these. Other than Sarah, this is probably my favorite! I need to get this asap.