Golden Oldie Thursday: Dots

Another Golden Oldie Thursday! I am liking this challenge because it's forcing me to go through my stash and find new polishes that either need more love or need a new home. Today's oldie, Petites - Aubergine, just needs some more love.

Today's theme is DOTS; and I have to admit that I have been loving polka dotted mani's lately so this was perfect.

Polishes Used:
-Petites - Aubergine
-OPI - My Vampire is Buff
-Out The Door

I may have cheated a bit with this look since my bottle of My Vampire is Buff isn't a year old, but I think it's OK because I have made up for it with the pretty base of Aubergine. I have owned Aubergine since I was in college, so definitely fits all the rules. This mani has a different source of look because I am mixing finishes, I think generally speaking, I prefer and enjoy to create mani's in colors of the same finishes. This also sort of reminds me of Minny Mouse's dress!

Don't forget to see how the other ladies incorporated their oldie polishes into pretty dotted manis!

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