Mellow Yellow - Swatches for Krissy

On Wednesday at the 4th of July picnic that we went to, one of my girlfriends mentioned she saw a girl at the salon getting a fun summery yellow mani; so I thought that I would swatch my only 4 yellows for her. Now you get to see them too!

Polishes Used:
-Sinful Colors - Neon Melon (Pointer)
-Zoya - Pippa (Middle)
-China Glaze - Solar Power (Ring)
-Bonita - Yellow (Pinky)

I'm not a huge fan of yellow polishes on myself but I think that they look great on other people! And after looking at these nails, I clearly need a pale yellow polish - these are all sort of gold/orange yellows (with the exception of the Neon Melon). Do you like to wear yellow polish? What's your favorite shade?


  1. It's a very sweet mani, and I like yellow - not all the time, but often LOL I seem to have a yellow magnet in my right hand, every time I see one, i grab it - so I have a ridiculous amount of yellows, and so many are so close LOL

  2. I only have three and I use them for nail art only. Irish skin is not meant to wear yellow.