Pink Holo & Stamping

I have to admit right off that I am not a fan of holos. I know they are super popular right now, but something about them just doesn't do it for me. I own 3 holo polishes, I bought them my freshman year of college... seems so long ago. They are all from the "Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup" collection.

Here is the polish plain (this is two coats + topcoat...yes, I know topcoat changes the effects, but I prefer the look WITH topcoat; silly me!)

It's a pretty color, if you're into holos. However, since the polish was fairly old, the application was pretty streaky. Anyway, you know I couldnt just leave plain holo on my nails, so I added some stamping.

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Sally Hansen - Magenta Magic
-Wet 'n Wild - Disturbia
-Konad Stamp m83
-Out The Door - Topcoat

I really like the look of stamping and wish that I had more image plates (does anyone have any old plates they don't want anymore and are looking to get rid of?). I heard from Katee over at A Girl and Her Polish that the Bundle Monster and Red Angel plates are good, and with the latest BM coming out and seeing everyone using them, I think I may just have to get some myself :)

What are your favorite brands of stamping plates? What about holos? Happy Thursday!


  1. I really like it with stamping! :) Another awesome manicure! <3

  2. I'm so jelly that pink looks so great on you! Love this mani!

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