Twinsie Tuesday: Share Your Nail Polish Collection

I have to admit, this prompt came at the exact right time! I had a MAJOR break on my swatching hand, my middle finger had a rip that I had been nursing for a couple weeks with Orly Nail Rescue. The rip finally reached the free edge and I couldn't stop it from completely tearing off :-( So like I said, today's Share Your Nail Polish Collection theme couldn't have come at a better time.

Disclaimer! I am embarrassed how sloppy my stash / home can get; so please don't mind if you see a mess or a little dust. :-/ *sigh* (this is the wake up call to get that area under control)

My nail polish is stored in two Melmers and an end-table in the corner of my living room by the TV. (and there is some overflow too)

One of those Influenster boxes is the current box. The other, along with that Zoya Bag on the right, are my polishes for sale. I am not going to share those in this post, but you can absolutely check out my Storenvy site if you want too see what is up for sale.
I'll show you the contents of the drawers, each with a little caption. I don't have a master list or anything in Excel, I used to have one, but I stopped maintaining it after a while, too much turnover. haha.
This is one of my two "junk" drawers. The items are not junk, just sort of misc things.

This drawer contains some misc drugstore brands as well as some indie overflow.

This is the drawer on the top left. One of my favorites, it has my OPIs, a few drugstore items, and my only Dior and Enchanted. I have started to pick up my OPI collection so ultimately, I will be making this OPI only.

This is another one of my favorites. It has Essie, China Glaze, Zoya, Sinful Colors, Butter London and Orly.

This is my main indie drawer. It contains all the indies that I could fit into it (the others moved into the drawer I mentioned above)

This originally just contained my swatch wheels and swatch sticks. As you can see, there are a couple other misc items thrown in here as well.
Now for the items that are outside of the Melmers.
Ahh, the top of the Melmers. This is a hot mess, it contains my stamping plates, organized by brand, glequins, tape, Incoco Appliques, Water for watermarbling, etc. The Tupperware was SUPPOSED to contain all the stuff that was on top, but as you can see, it has overflown.

These polishes came in boxes, so I decided to keep them in boxes for the time being. Eventually, I may end up taking them out of the boxes, but I do love the ones that have nice packaging like the Zoya polishes.

Finally, we have my tiny untried box. I don't really keep too many untrieds. I try not to purchase too may polishes before I have tried the ones that I have.
So there you have it, my stash. Similar to yours? Way different? Just as messy? Suggestions for re-organizing? lol.
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