Sunday Sunday Sunday

I have been sick for the last week so I haven't had time to do any posts. No worries though, my nails were polished (just in plain though). So now that I'm back and in action I decided to do something for Valentines Day. I know, I know... it's not even February yet, but I'm in the mood! I love romantic holidays and there is none better than Valentine's Day.

Since it's not Valentine's Day yet, I didn't want to go all out with hearts, so we ended up with stripes.
Started with a my old white base coat, NYC White, then used my Essie's for the stripes (in order from tip to cuticle, First Dance, Size Matters, Super Bosa Nova, and Your Hut or Mine)

As always, I am trying to get my nails stronger and to grow and I read online that LA Nail Calcium Nail Builder has worked for some so I thought I would give it a try.

Also, got some new Konad plates over the weekend so I will be able to some fun stuff for Valentine's coming up... :-)

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