Welcome all!! This is my first post. I have been using Facebook to share some of my latest nail designs but wanted to be able to share my love of nail polish and nail art with everyone. A couple things about me. I am currently trying to grow my nails out longer but they are fairly brittle from having acrylics and they just don't seem to be getting any stronger but hopefully they will grow soon! (Much easier to do designs on longer nails!) I do my nails 2-3 times per week so hopefully I will be able to post that much too. Also, I have been using my iPhone to take my photos but have a nice camera so might try to switch to that as well. Most of the designs that I do are replications of other designs or styles that I find online or my favorite *Pinterest* so I can't take credit for everything.

For today's New Years Day nails I used OPI's Chicago Champagne Toast for my all over color. I used Konad Black Polish and stamp M24 for the leopard print, and got the rhinestones from Konad as well and OF COURSE, my most favorite top cover every, Seche Vite. Enjoy!

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  1. Makes me so sad to see posts with no comments - so let's change this))) Here is a friend for your first post!