My Mom's Nails

Happy Tuesday!
As I mentioned yesterday I got together with my mom and sister this weekend and did their nails. Below are the nails my mom ended up with.

Polishes Used:
-Wet 'n Wild - Flirty Rose Creme (2 coats)
-LA Girl Fruity - Sparkling Peach (2 coats)
-Out The Door TopCoat

Sparkling Peach was also one of my new shimmer polished that I picked up at Rite Aid. It is supposed to be scented when dry but I forgot to ask my mom to check, lol, also, do you think it will still smell through a topcoat? I let her pick the base color for this design and the colors looked very pretty together; I will probably try out this topcoat over top of a black and white base colors just for comparisons sake.

Have any of you tried out scented nail polishes? If so, do they actually still smell with topcoat over top? I remember having blueberry scented glitter polish when I was in middle school. I think it was blue glitters with larger raspberry hex in it as well.... oh the memories.... lol. Does this sound familiar to anyone else from the mid-90's?


  1. Very nice :] They only scented polish I've tried that wasn't a top coat when I was a kid, is Revlon - Peach smoothie, and it smells lovely even after top coat :]

  2. nice :-D
    i love doing my mom's nails... when she let me, of course :-D
    i have one scented polish and it smells nice even with a topcoat :-D