My Sisters Nails

This weekend I got together with my mom and sister and will be posting their nails today and tomorrow. I apologize ahead of time as the photos are not super clear because I only had my iphone with me. Here you go!

Polishes Used:
-Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac (2 coats)
-Wet 'n Wild coloricon - Bow In My Presence (1 coat)
-Out The Door TopCoat

I had just bought Bow In My Presence earlier this week and wanted to try it out so I let her pick a color she would like it over top of and she picked one of my favorite springtime colors, Lacey Lilac. I really like BIMP (lol) and I think it would be opaque on it's own in 3 coats. I plan to try it on myself later this week. I like the application of it as well so I will most likely be going back to Rite-Aid later this week to pick up some more of the Coloricon collection.

Happy Monday!