Delush Polish - Festive Soiree Swatches & Review

Happy Tuesday!! Are you in the holiday spirit? I hope so, because today I will be sharing with you 4 shades from the Delush Polish Festive Soiree Collection! I'll show you the swatches first and then give you my review. Note: I am wearing two coats of each shade, topped with Out The Door.

Sugar Plum Surprise: A scrumptiously Delushous plum jelly filled with an array of holographic navy, pink, green glitters accented by gold dots.

Tis The Season To Sparkle: Captivating emerald green jelly base filled with a mesmerizing festive blend of holographic diamonds, vibrant magenta dots surrounded by an array of coloured glitters. Make a statement with this polish and show the world that you aren't afraid to sparkle!

Frost Bitten, Twice Shy: A romantic twist of lilac, pink, gold glitters accented with large holographic dots and an all over violet shimmer that makes this glitter bomb transform any colour you choose to wear it over.

I also tried this one over a pink base:

Sleighed By Santa: Naughty and playful in nature, Sleighed By Santa is a delectable oxblood red with a gorgeous gold shift and shimmer that makes this beauty not your average red nail polish. (Purchased by me)

My thoughts:  These are all lovely shades! Sugar Plum Surprise is such a nice raspberry type shade, I love the jelly squishiness of it. Tis The Season To Sparkle reminds me of a green squishy Christmas Tree. I don't own any green shades that are even close to this and I am glad that it's now part of my collection. I decided to wear Frost Bitten, Twice Shy over Maybelline Bold Gold and Sinful Colors Outrages, but as Adrianna says, this shade would look great over any undies! Finally, Sleighed by Santa was a shade that I saw online as part of the collection and purchased a bottle for myself! As you know I have been obsessed with reds lately and how perfect and unique is this shade for the holidays!

You can find Delush Polish here:Website: www.DelushPolish.com
Facebook: facebook.com/DelushPolish
Twitter: @DelushPolish
Instagram: instagram.com/delushpolish

Do you own any of these shades yet? Will you be purchasing? Which was your favorite?

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