OMG LED Nail Decal Review

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A couple months ago I reviewed nail decal strips from OMG, and when they recently contacted me about trying out their new LED Nail Decals I was intrigued.

Source: http://www.omgnailstrips.com/led-nail-stickers/led-nail-sticker-white
The LED decal itself is a whole nail sticky strip with the LED embedded. The directions from OMG are fairly simple as well:

1. Clean Nails and apply a base coat.
2. Peel LED nail strip off the protective backing. Apply the curved end of the LED decal as close as possible to the cuticle edge. You may need to trim the LED strip to size if you have shorter nails.
3. Use a nail file to file off the excess sticker, careful not to damage the chip. Apply nail polish over the chip leaving the LED exposed.
4. Place one of the sticker decals over the chip with the center of the decal over the LED.
5. Apply a clear coat.

So here is the simple look that I created with the decals:

I went really simple with this one, a simple pink and floral look. I didn't have any pictures of this particular look lit up, so I photoshopped this one.

I did take a video of the LED decal live in action, check it out HERE.

It's pretty cool how these decals light up and I have to admit that I was showing it off around the office. I also loved how they came with the design decals to place over the chip to 1. cover it and 2. spice up the look.

When using the decals, keep in mind that the strip is thicker than the normal OMG strips as it has to be thick enough to house the electronic component, you can see some slight wrinkling in my pictures. Also, the LED is slightly large so if you have small nail beds, you will definitely need to trim it down and perhaps even trim the top decal as well.

So funny story. When I got the decals I was all excited, I knew that android phones and phones with Apple Pay had NFC fields so I ripped open the decals held them to my phone and nothing... lol. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why they weren't working, they were shipped when we were having super cold weather so I thought maybe they were damaged in the cold weather, so I emailed OMG. They politely told me that NFC is a setting on your phone that you have to TURN ON. LOL. Oh man, DUH! I was laughing at my user-error on that one, but must say that OMG was super quick to respond, so awesome customer even when dealing with user-error.

You can pick these strips up from OMG HERE for $7.99.

*Product in this post was provided by the manufacturer for my honest review

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