Avon Suede Nail Enamel - Touch of Taupe

Sorry for the late post today! I wasn't able to get this scheduled last night because we went out with friends to watch the Steelers game.

Anyway, today I wore my second shade of the new Avon polishes that I got, Touch of Taupe!

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Avon - Touch of Taupe

Today I decided that I would try this polish with a base coat. When I wore it alone yesterday, it chipped very easily and sort of "flaked off", today it stayed on a little better but still chipped. I am not sure if it is something with the formula or just how it interacted with my nails. It wasn't too big of a deal for me since I change my polish everyday but if you wear one color for a couple days, you may run into chipping. 

Regardless, this is really great color polish for fall, and actually, the entire set is perfect for fall. I really love the suede finish of the polish and it had a nice smooth texture to the touch as well.

Do you own any of these polishes? If so, have you run into the same chipping issue that I have?


  1. The finish looks gorgeous!! I don't own anything that looks quite like that :]

  2. This is stunning! Beautiful for fall! :)

  3. I really like this one!

  4. I have two of these and mine also chip, base coat or not. It's the nature of the matte beast to chip easily, so I just put a topcoat on. But I prefer my polish shiny, especially mattes because they look like texture under glass.