Adventures in Stamping - OMG! Invasion of the _____!

I wasn't able to participate in the AIS challenge last week due to the wedding, but this week I am back in action. This week's theme is "OMG! Invasion of the _____!" You get to choose what sort of invasion you're going to do. I was telling the hubby about this theme and we both thought immediately of the same thing; STINKBUGS! (gross, I know!)

If you live in the Northeast, US; chances are, you know what I am talking about. Over the last couple years stink bugs have been coming out of the woodwork and invading homes, cars, etc.

I don't have any stink bug stamps (and I don't think that I would like one either) but they can be so overpowering I just used a stamp with a bunch of oval dots in all shapes and sizes which is pretty much how stink bugs can be.

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
-American Apparel - Racoon
-Avon - Touch of Taupe

Even thinking is Stink Bugs grosses me out. But this mani is pretty cute and if I wasn't going out of town on a business trip tomorrow I would have kept it on for another day.

Here is a picture of stink bugs that I found online. This is about how many we get at our house, but some of my co-workers and friends get 10x this many!!!

Do you ever have any stink bug invasions? If not, you're lucky!!!


  1. ugh i hate those stinky bugs thankful we didnt get that many as other people did ,they seem to have calmed down .i love the look for your mani though you did just a good job on it ,i need to get into stamping more

  2. Oh my goodness that is a ton of stink bugs! Since I moved to SW Ohio from NW Pennsylvania, I've noticed way less, but we still get them - I hate them!!! Your nails are super cute though, lol :D

  3. that design looks awesome.
    would you like to follow each other/
    let me know if you do so i can follow back?