Wedding Weekend

Happy Wednesday!

As you know, my Brother in Law got married this past weekend. This post will be semi-nail related and semi-wedding related. :) Going to show you some pictures from the weekend of my (husbands) family and some of the mani's that were worn over the weekend.

My husband and I at the rehearsal, the day before the wedding <3 

My husband and I at the wedding :)

The nails I wore during the wedding.

My husband's aunt and uncle; she is showing off her mani for us. 

Close up of her mani; heart tips!!

My ADORABLE niece; she was the flower girl in the wedding; too cute!

And of course, the bride and groom <3

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into my family and the past weekend!


  1. Ohhh I love the red tips mani! Super gorgeous!

    Jazz x

  2. The bride looks beautiful, and so do everyone's nails! You and your husband look cute together as well. :)

  3. everyone looks good .i really like the heart mani on your aunts nails .the flower girl is to cute :)