Sunday Swatch

Yesterday I went to Ulta and purcahsed a couple polishes, I like their selection and sometimes they have a pretty good clearance section. The one that I used today is Essence's You Belong To Me.

I really like how this color came out. It was a creme polish but looked better with two coats, which is what I have on in the pictures. The pictures are lighter than the actual color but I would describe it as a lighter Tiffany Blue. When I was at Ulta I also had a chance to purchase Seche Restore, so I could finally use my SV again (thankfully!)

Also, now that I filed my acrylics short I remember why I liked having them, NO CHIPPING! These might stay on longer than anticipated. We shall see. Back to work tomorrow... going to enjoy the rest of the weekend while I can :-)

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