Valentine's Countdown - 7 days to go!!!

This weekend my mom and sister came over to my house to go out to dinner and do nails. We ended up going to dinner first so by the time that we got back to my house, neither of them really felt too into nails or trying anything crazy. Luckily, on the way home we stopped at Rite Aid and I was able to find my first magnetic polish and my mom generously let me try it on her. (It was quit ironic that I found it too because that morning I had just been telling my aunt that I couldn't wait to try it but hadn't seen it anywhere).

Neither of these mani's are very Valentine's inspired but that's ok, can't force everyone to be as excited about it as I am. ;-)

I tried to take a couple of pictures of my mom's nails to see how the magnetics worked out so hopefully you get the idea. The polish brand is Magnetix but didnt have a color name. It was a nice dark grey/purple. The directions said to keep the magnet over the nail for 15 seconds but it seemed to work better if I hovered for around 30 seconds.

P.S. Doesn't my mom look cute posing with her nails?

My sister wanted to do plain white matte nail polish. I don't have matte polish though (Where can I get this?!!?!) and I didn't really want to do plain white so I used my NYC White and added two coats of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Glass Slipper. I like the Sally Hansen and it's almost like a franken with clear/white flecks. Not in love with this mani but that's ok. She (hopefully) left happy. 


  1. Yes your mom looks very cute posing with her nails! haha. About the matte polish, I recommend just getting a matte topcoat bc that way you don't need to buy tons of individual matte polishes, it makes any polish matte. I heard there's one at Wal-Mart by Hard Candy and the one I got is Essie Matte About You I got at a beauty supply store. I say worse comes to worse, just look online like ebay or Amazon =]

  2. I was able to find an inexpensive Matte by NYC at Kmart! Thanks for the tips!