Valentine's Countdown - 3 days to go!!!

So yesterday was a bad day for me at work. It didn't start off well and then around lunchtime my computer hard-drive completely crashed and I lost everything. Very dramatic and I'm pretty sure I almost had a panic attack. Good thing it was Friday and there were a lot of people out of the office or else I know some of my co-workers would have made the situation even more dramatic and upsetting than it already was.

Which brings me to my next item; I ended up leaving the office early around 4:20 and was just so frustrated and upset that I ended up going to the salon and getting acrylics on. I used to LOVE acyrlics but it got expensive to maintain and I feel like I am stuck with one polish for a week at a time. I'm pretty sure that I will be able to paint over there bad boys to get a couple designs in before I need to go for a fill.

I know what you're thinking; "Stephanie, you just swatched this color last week". Believe it or not, it is not NYC's Fuchsia Shock; but it's very similar. It's an OPI polish but I didn't have a chance to grab the name before I left the salon. Look familiar to anyone? 

Hopefully when I go back into work on Monday they will have been able to save some of my computer over the weekend (please keep your fingers crossed!). May not be able to get another mani in for a couple days as I am going on a business trip this week. We will see. Happy Valentine's Day coming up!!!

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