Valentine's Countdown - 13 days to go!!

I can't believe it's already February, and that means Valentine's Day!!! It's not that I'm even super mushy so much as I love all the girly pink, hearts, flower, etc that accompany the holiday (though my husband did suggest a super nice dinner at the fondue place downtown so that's really exciting <3)

Didn't feel like getting too crazy tonight so we went for some simple stamping. I don't love how my stamping skills are so I still need more practice. It seems like the first stamp is crisp and clear but after that they are blotchy and no good; should I be cleaning my plates in between each finger? Anyway, here it goes...

For the all over color I used Essie's Lion Out; I like how it goes onto my nail but it's a little too close to my skin color for me not to think of mannequin hands so I think that I will be using it as an accent color moving forward. For the stamp color I used Essie's Size Matters. Finished it off with SV; speaking of; I am getting low and need a new top coat. Is SV really the best? I love it for it's quick drying properties but is that really the most important? Just a thought...

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