Valentine's Countday - 5 days to go!!!

I had to take of my water marble mani because it was chipping and I was picking at it. No good at all. Guess that makes it OK to change my mani so often!! I know everyone has been swatching Sallys Hansen's Gem Crush and I loved how to fushia color looked when I saw it online so obviously, I had to try it!

Overall, I like the polish. I used the Lady Luck color and it seems to be one of the more popular colors (at least right now for VALENTINE'S DAY) I headr it was supposed to have pretty good coverage but once I tried it on one nail I decided I wanted to have a matching base coat underneath. I ended up with one base coat of Essie's Jamaica Me Crazy, and 3 coats of the Gem Crush!!! Ahhh - so much polish. Also, the sparkle seemed to be dull but once I put on a top coat (back to SV....) it brought the color back to life.

Sorry for the blurry second picture; still getting used to the "nice" camera. Speaking of photos, I know my husband has photoshop on his computer but neither of us know how to use it; any suggestions on programs to touch up my phots, add a watermark or label?

Only 5 days until V-day; do you have any exciting plans?!?!?


  1. Ahhhh! That should have been Valentines Countdown. Not Countday! Silly me.

  2. What a gorgeous color!! I can't use my version of Adobe Photoshop anymore bc I upgraded my computer, but I was lucky enough to find this cool free photo editing thing and I got it at www.getpaint.net Hope this helps!