Liquid Lacquer - Physical Graffiti Collection (Pic Heavy)

Today I am so excited to show you Liquid Lacquer's brand new collection, Physical Graffiti, inspired by Led Zepplin.

This collection contains 7 different Led Zepplin inspired holographic shades. I was lucky enough for Melissa to provide me with the entire collection to show my lovely readers, so let's jump right in!

When the Levee Breaks:

I have three coats of this When The Levee Breaks in these pictures. It had really smooth  and even application. I really love the periwinkle base color in this polish!

Dancin' Days:

Dancin' Days is a lovely pink, fuchsia polish. I have three coats on in these photos but I probably could have even stopped with two. As with the previous polish, this one had really smooth and even application.

No Quarter:

No Quater is a nice forest green polish. I was able to achieve my desired opacity with two coats of polish. As with the previous shades, this one had really smooth and even application.


Kashmir is such a pretty nude holo an I LOVE how this shade looks on my skin tone - definitely one of the best nudes I have. I am wearing three coats of Kashmir in my pictures. As always, this shade had really smooth and even application.

The Rain Song:

The Rain Song was one of my favorite shades in the entire collection. I have two coats of polish on in the pictures. I was a little disappointed that the holo didn't translate in these pictures. As with the other polishes, this shade had really smooth and even application.

Houses of the Holy:

Houses of the Holy is a pretty plum leaning purple shade. I was able to obtain full coverage with two coats. This polish had really smooth and even application. 

Tea for One:

Tea for One has a really pretty berry toned base, and was completely opaque in two coats. It also had really nice smooth and even application.

Overall, there is not one polish in this collection that I don't like! All the colors are pretty and most are rich. One of my favorite things about the Liquid Lacquer holo polishes is that the holo-ness of the shades don't overpower the base color. I know with some other brands, I can't even tell which base color is which!

All of these polishes will be available on the Liquid Lacquer site during Melissa's upcoming restock on Saturday, March 30th, 2:00pm EST.

Which ones are your favorite? What do you hope to pick up in the restock?

*Products were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review*


  1. Oh gosh these polishes are absolutely adorable, love all the colors. Just followed you, feel free to stop by my blog anytime darling!

    xoxo Pakize

    Madame Keke
    Blog Lovin

  2. Great swatches makes me want to get a couple !

  3. Are these Holo-er in real life? Great swatches btw!

  4. My favourites are the rain song and tea for one! Such pretty shades!