Sinful Colors - Orange Cream

Today I have another polish that I purchased from Walgreens during their recent sale, Sinful Colors - Orange Cream.

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Sinful Colors - Orange Cream
-No Time

Just like with Candy Coated, Orange Cream is completely opaque in two coats and has the smallest amount of shimmer in it. Unfortunately, the shimmer is impossible to capture in the photos. As with most of my Sinful Color polishes, the application of this polish is very easy and non-streaky.

But since I couldn't leave a nice pretty mani alone, I added some stripes. Unfortunately, I think it ruined the look, but let me know what you think!

Polishes Added:
-Kiss - Beach Pink
-Sinful Colors - Sunny Day

*Sigh* I was debating if I should even share this but I tried it and will let you know what I would have done differently next time. I had completely run out of nail polish remover when I added the stripes, otherwise, I would have taken them a little longer and then did some cuticle cleanup with the remover, since I was out I "stopped short" (lol). Also, the polishes weren't as opaque as I had hoped, so I would have added some more layers of stripes.

So which look do you look better? Stripes or Plain?


  1. I have this nail polish too and I love it :D

    1. I really am loving all the pastels out right now for spring!