Influenster - Spring Fever Vox Box

Hey Loves!

I recently got my Spring Fever Vox Box in the mail and wanted to show you all the goodies that were inside!
(Note: It also came with a Tasty Kake Kandy Bar, which my husband ate before I had a chance to take this picture!)

So other than the Tasty Kake, here is everything that I got in the box. I thought this was a great box because I was looking forward to using everything!

I love all lipgloss / chapstick, so the NYC was great. I have never tried hair dust so I am looking forward to testing that out soon. I used deo so, yeah, lol. The Tasty Kake was yummy and I have this nail blog, so the impress nails fit right in.

In fact, I already tried the nails:

Hmm, so a couple things to note.

-Super cute and fun design for summer! I love nails that have nail art because no everyone is great at it and this is cute!
-Easy application; the nails have a sticky side on the back so I was able to just stick them right onto my nails after finding the correct size.
-Removal was easy and my nails were not destroyed!

-The size of these nails was small. some of my nails were just as long or longer than the size of the imPress. If you have short nail beds though, this would be a non-issue (I know my sister who has shorter nail beds has worn these with no issues)
-They didn't curve as much as my natural nails so they weren't laying flat as you can see in some of the photos. Along those lines, they sort of "hurt" my nails as if they were trying to pull them into a position they didn't want to go in.

Overall, I think these would be cute for a special occasion and I definitely could have seen myself wearing these to a high-school dance, and way cheaper than actually getting acrylics.

Stay tuned and follow my twitter feed for more reviews / updates on the Spring Fever Vox Box by Influenster!


  1. Nice box you got! The impress nails look nice and the design is fun :)

  2. Lovely box! I love impress nails, I'm lucky to have small rounded nail beds, they look really realistic on me :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  3. The nails look so pretty on you! I had the same issues with them, too, though - I have somewhat long, curved nail beds, so at the tips of my nails there was a space between the fake nail and real nail. Bleck, does that get annoying. But they definitely have some really beautiful designs and they're fun to wear for special occasions!