Joyful Noise Cosmetics - Rainbow Fish, Whisper Down Delainie & Garden Party

Today I have three glitter toppers from Joyful Noise Cosmetics to share with you; Rainbow Fish, Whisper Down Delainie & Garden Party.

First up, Rainbow Fish:

Laura describes this shade as "Rainbow Fish is one of my new favorites- a color explosion of satin matte hex glitters swimming in a fine holographic shimmer base! Named after a favorite children's book of mine (at least, that's what I called it when I was a kid!) you can't miss this beauty! At any event, wear this and you are sure to shine!!"

This is really a lovely topper to any color polish, I wore it over Almost Famous, topped with Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love, but it would also looks awesome over white, black, any primary or secondary color and you have an awesome combo. I love the look of glitter toppers mattified. 

Next up we have Whisper Down Delainie:

Laura describes this topper as "An array of pink, teal, and green holographic glitters in small and medium sizes, it is named for Miss Delainie of Dee's Polish www.deespolish.com/ Delainie donated to my Indiegogo Campaign back in January, and chose the "Name a Product After Me" perk! I have to tell you, I'm pretty tickled with this name!!"

I am wearing one coat of WDD over Wet 'n Wild  Through The Grapevine, topped with Poshe. I love all the colored glitters in this polish and think it's very fun that Delanie got to name this polish. I was able to snag all of these polishes from Joyful Noise Cosmetics during Laura's Indiegogo campaign as well!

Last but not least, we have Garden Party:

Laura describes Garden Party as "Fine neon green, and square neon pink glitters, punctuated with black holographic hexes!"

I am wearing one coat of Garden Party over Revlon Emerald and topped with Poshe. Neon glitters are very on trend right now and I can't seem to get enough. I used this over a darker polish but it would also look good over a lighter green, such as my go to Sally Hansen - Parrot.

What do you think of these toppers? They are all currently available on the Joyful Noise Cosmetics Etsy Site; and don't forget to LIKE the Joyful Noise Cosmetics Facebook Page to get the latest information on restocks. 


  1. I'm loving Whisper Down Delainie but all the other glitters are pretty too. I love smaller glitters like these!

  2. These are so pretty!!! I have to say Whisper Down Delainie is my favourite (I love that combination of colours!)

  3. Garden Party is my favorite :) I love the effect over the green polish.

  4. All of these are absolutely gorgeous! Garden Party is my favourite! xx