Venique - Twinkling Glitter

Today I am showing you Twinkling Glitter, by Venique, one of the polishes that I received from Katee. Twinkling Glitter is a big time GLITTER BOMB.

I was having some trouble capturing the AWESOME-NESS of this glitter so I took a couple outside shots too!

Polishes Used:
-Elmer's Glue (for the base, I will let you know how it goes for the glitter removal process)
-Sally Hansen - Celeb City (for the undies)
-Venique - Twinkling Glitter

The outside pictures help show off the glitter of this polish but trust me, it is 20x more awesome in real life. Think, Lisa Frank....speaking of, I think I will try this over a hot pink next time and be SUPER girly. hehe. 

Do any of you own this polish? Do you agree it's an awesome glitter bomb?