Glitter Me This

Happy Monday! I won a set of Glitter Me This polishes earlier this year and today I will be sharing them with you :)

These are the lovely shades that I received. Just Got Pinned, Totally Smitten, Can I Walk You Home?, 1 Malt, 2 Straws, and Sunny Disposition.

Just Got Pinned: This is probably my favorite shade of the collection. It is an orange/gold shade and I don't have any colors like this! I am wearing two coats of JGP.

Totally Smitten: This a lovely pink holo. The application was very nice, and I am wearing 2 coats of TS.

Can I Walk You Home?: This shade is a VERY light and VERY sheer blue holo. I am wearing two coats of CIWYH here. It would probably look pretty good as a topper over another more opaque blue.

1 Malt, 2 Straws: This is another light and sheer shade, although not as sheer as the blue, this purple shade would be very pretty over top of an opaque shade. I am wearing two coats of 1M2S.

Sunny Disposition: This is a lovely yellow/gold/lime polish. It is fairly opaque in two coats and also had a slightly metallic quality about it.

I am glad that I had the opportunity to try the Glitter Me This polish collection and hope to try more in the future.

Which is your favorite shade?

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