What I Wore - Tough Mudder Edition

Happy Wednesday! Unfortunately every time it is Wednesday, I think of that stupid commercial with the camel saying "what day is it, what day is it?" "It's humpday".

If you haven't see the commercial; there it is. LOL, it's annoying.

Anyway, over the weekend my husband and a couple of his friends participated in the Pittsburgh Tough Mudder competition. If you are not familiar with Tough Mudder, you can check it out here, it's "probably the toughest event on the plant". This is just a brief tid-bit from their site, "Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses, 1,000,000 inspiring participants worldwide to date, and more than $5 million raised for the Wounded Warrior Project, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world." You have to love a seriously hard core obstacle course that supports a great cause like the Wounded Warrier Project, which you can check out here.

Onto, the mani. Since the colors of Tough Mudder and black and orange, that is what I used for my mani.

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Zoya - Paz
-Konad - Black
-Konad - White
-Out The Door
-Plate - Mash38

I tried to give the nails a ripped / distressed look with the black stamping (although it did turn out to look slightly tiger-ish) I also added the white stamped accent from the same plate since it sort of reminded me of an EKG/Heartbeat symbol. I got a lot of compliments from the other "spectators" at the event. 

One thing to note about spectating that they don't really warn you about. It is extreme; you get muddy, you walk a ton, you get sunburnt, and the event takes 4-5 hours to complete. I don't know that all courses would be as bad as ours, the fact that is is very hilly in the area led to an extra challenging course, anyone who has ever run a race in Pittsburgh can attest to that! 

Here is a "live" shot of my nails on the course (and maybe one of the first appearances of my pinky, it's wonky, they both are, just don't look lol):

Anyway, hope you liked this mani and great job to my husband's team and all the guys and gals who participated in the 2013 Pittsburgh Tough Mudder.

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