Sally Hansen - Salon Insta Gel Strips Review

Happy Saturday!

I recently received the Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips kit to review. I had been looking forward to trying this out for a while so I was excited when the package finally arrived.

Here is everything that I received; not only did they send the starter kit, but they also sent me a bonus shade as well :)

Here you can see both the bonus polish and the last picture shows you everything that comes in the starter kit.  

The instructions are very simple, buff and clean your nails, apply the polish strips, top with gel topcoat, cure with the LED provided, wipe with cleaner, and VIOLA, you're good to go! (Obviously, the instructions in the box are much more detailed but you get the jist of it)

Since I received two shades I decided I would try one on myself and one on my sister. 

Here is Shall We Dance modeled by my sister, Libby:

As you can see, Shall We Dance is a lovely sheer/nude shade, this is great for everyone who doesn't like to wear anything too flashy on their nails. We loved how clean and glossy Libby's nails looked after she had these on. They were also easy for me to apply on her. 

Here I am showing you Pat on the Black:

First off, I love this dark vampy shade. I don't think that it is actually Black but a super dark purple because when I was applying the strips they had a purple tint when held up to the light. I found that applying the strips on my own nails was slightly harder than doing them on my sisters because I only had one hand to do it with. Also, one thing that I noticed was that the gel strips *seemed* thicker and less malleable than the normal polish strips so I ended up with some wrinkles and tearing when I filed them, but most of this was masked when I applied the gel topcoat. 

Overall, I like the idea of having gel polish strips. This would be very beneficial for someone who doesn't have the time to paint their nails; or just doesn't want to have to worry about chipping polish. I only wore these strips for 4 days but I didn't really notice any signs of wear. I only took them off because 4 days is a long time for me, since I normally change my polish at least everyday. 

You can purchase these strips at your local drug and super stores. 

*Products were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review*


  1. I've always been intrigued by gel nails so thank you for this review. It was really helpful and informative. This would be a great kit to use if your on vacation and don't want to bring a munch of nail polish.

  2. Thanks for the review I only wear gelish and was curious how these worked :)