Doctor Lacquer - Malicious Pleasure

I recently purchased a polish that I saw on Instagram, Doctor Lacquer - Malicious Pleasure.

Malicious Pleasure is described as, "MALICIOUS PLEASURE is a cold-sensitive cotton candy pink (warm) to salmon pink (cold) thermal linear holographic polish".

I am wearing two coats of color with topcoat in the pictures. So obviously I loved this shade when I saw it, it was pink and coral and light and would be perfect for work, so I had to have it.

To be honest I wasn't really sure what "cold-sensitive" vs "warm-sensitive" ment when it came to thermal, so luckily it was described on the Doctor Lacquer website. Warm-sensitive thermals in this collection have more drastic color change, while the cold-sensitive ones are more gradual. Warm-sensitives in general mean they will change color with body temp, and cold-sensitives mean they will need to be exposed to cold temps like icy water/freezing fingers to change. (Yay for learning something new everyday)

Do you own any Doctor Lacquer polishes? If so, which ones?

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