The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Music/Movies/TV - Week 1

Happy Monday! April is a super busy month for me so if posts are somewhat sporadic, please bear with me.

This month's theme in the Nail Challenge Collaborative is Music/Movies/TV. I like this theme and have a couple ideas in mind. For my first look, I decided to use TV as my inspiration, specifically, a show that I watch every night while going to bed, Frasier.

Polishes Used:
-KB Shimmer - Eclipse
-White Acrylic Paint

This is a simple looking design, although I did have to freehand the Seattle skyline, which was sort of a pain. lol. If you watch Frasier, you know that this image is the last image in the intro before the show actually gets started. I am quite pleased with how this look came out, and even when I showed my husband my nails, he immediately said, "Frasier", without knowing the theme I was participating in. That made me feel good.

So let me know what you think about this mani, I'm Listening.

P.S. Don't forget that that Nail Challenge Collaborative is currently accepting new applications for membership. If you can commit to 4 mani's a month that fit within a specific theme and are interested in joining, please shoot me an email with your blog link and your application will be reviewed.

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