Easter Mani

Happy Easter! I hope all who celebrate are having a nice day. As I mentioned yesterday I haven't really done any Easter nail art, but I will show you my "Easter" mani. It's purple and pastel so close enough right? :-P

Polishes Used:
-Precision Nail Lacquer - Walking on Air
-Acrylic Paints

I had the purple base and couldn't decide what to do with it, so I checked out one of my favorite You Tube Tutorial Channels, that of  Jaunty Juli. I really like her channel because she makes all of the manis that she creates, easy to re-create by watching the tutorials. For this look I followed her Ombré Fern Silhouette Nail Art tutorial. Instead of the blue, I decided that this would totally work with the purple that I already had on my nails.

I like how this look turned out although I do wish that I would have mixed my first "fern" color to be a little darker because it is too similar to Walking on Air. When I had this look on, I went to McDonalds and the girl who was working the drive through did a double take on my nails and then asked me to see them and told me how much she liked them; I love when that happens :)

Enjoy the rest of your Easter day!


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