Liquid Lacquer - Polish Recap

Hello Lovelies! 

Thanks for sticking with me through all the awesome Liquid Lacquer polishes.

Just to recap:

Left to Right: Flowers In The Attic, What Happens In Vegas, Damn It's Cold, Cherub, Bitch Fit, You Give Me Fever, Flaming Flamingo, and Purple Haze

And here are the swatch  pictures:

Flowers In The Attic
What Happens In Vegas
Damn It's Cold
Bitch Fit
You Give Me Fever
Flaming Flamingo
Purple Haze
So which polish is your favorite? I really hate to chose, but if I HAD to, I would say my favorites are Damn It's Cold and Cherub, but they are all really nice.

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  1. Damn it's cold and flaming flamingo!

  2. These are GORGEOUS!!! You did an awesome job showing them off!!

  3. I am an absolute sucker for square glitter, so my favourite has to be "You Give Me Fever" but I'd honestly get any of them. What a great collection!