Winter Challenge Sneak Peek - AKA Let It Snow! Challenge

I mentioned last Saturday was the final theme of the Fall Into Autumn Challenge but that there would be a Winter Challenge soon. This post is a sneak peek into that and into the ladies that will be participating with me. 

The Nail Challenge Collaborative is the amazing group of girls that have been participating in these season themed challenges with me and it has been so fun getting to know them all. We decided to put an official name together and badge for our group instead of re-naming ourselves each season, so we decided on The Nail Challenge Collaborative.

Isn't that a cute badge? The lovely Katee from A Girl and Her Polish created it. 

So here is are the themes for the Let It Snow Challenge! This will start on December 1st and, as always, is a go at your own pace challenge, although the themes are lined up with the holidays so that you should be dead on if you do one per week.

And finally, here is a list of the other lovely ladies that I will be participating in this challenge with! Make sure you check out their blogs as well if you haven't already.

Katee Baum - A Girl and Her Polish

Hannah Fabiny - Polished Prisms

Alyson Epstein - Beads.Nails.Food.

Stephanie Oblas - A Little Polish

Sharra Farivar - The Blahg

Sue O'Connor - Creative Nail Design By Sue

Karine - Karine's Vernis Club

Angie Moore- Our Painted World

Chester - Chester's Drawers
Blog: http://chesterlovesmakeup.blogspot.de/ (old url, will change to a new one Dec 1 !!)

Sarah G├╝rgens - Dakila's

Becky Barnett - Glamfiend

Amanda Murphy

Amanda Schott- Counting Down to Bliss

Wendy Stanbury - Wendy's Delights

Kayono Lan - Neues vom Kellerkind

Brigitte Marie- Color Me So Crazy

Ashley Rowlands-Vanderzande

Lisa Oswald - Lisa's Nail Obsession

Gin Shivers - Baroque fool

Cari Welsh- Cari's Little Corner

Priscila Carrara - Pris' Nails

Kelly Callahan - Nails for the Sake of Sanity

Victoria Vertel - Manicurator

Hope you're looking forward to this as I am :)

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