31 Day Challenge - Day 6: Violet

Day 6: Violet Nails. Is Violet different from Purple? Here is what I found online: "A dictionary defines purple as “any of a group of colors with a hue between that of violet and red” and as a “symbol of royalty or high office.” Historically, the color purple has been associated with royalty and power. The word purple comes from the reign of King Louis the VIII. It was what the court called his many mistresses because they constantly wore the royal color: violet."
Umm what? In my mind, they are still pretty much the same color. lol.

Violet Nails:

Polishes Used:
-Nailtiques - Formula 2 Plus
-Sinful Colors - Fiji
-Sinful Colors - Let Me Go
-OTD TopCoat

I like the overall look of Fiji but it is somewhat of a sheer shimmer polish. I have on two coats but 3 wouldn't have been overkill. I tried to spice things up by adding an accent nail of Fiji and Let Me Go, but it's really hard to see in the photos.  What do you think? Does this look more purple or violet? (Not that the definition is very clear - haha)

If you're not already following Kelsie, Amanda, Erin and Jess, make sure to check out their VIOLET NAILS here:


  1. in my mind violet is lighter, and purple is deeper, but i guess really they all belong to the violet family? i love let me go. i may have to whip that one out soon. very pretty mani!

  2. Love the research you put in. I actually googled ombré during my last challenge because there was much discussion over the difference between ombré and gradient. To me....same difference. I love the color choices.

  3. Lol I have no idea why people use both violet and purple. I'm with you - they're the same!