Dinner Date - Red Tips

Sorry I have been absent for a couple of days, the business trip really took it out of me; but now I'm back to work, on my nails at least :-)
Tonight my husband and I are going out for our belated Valentine's Day dinner. I wanted to do something simple and it seems like that even though Valentine's has passed that I am still drawn to the pinks/reds/etc. I tried to branch out with red-orange tips but ended up with these:

I used one layer of OPI's On Collins Ave, with a layer of Essie's Plumberry on top. It ended up turning into something not orange, not pink but Red-ish. The color is slightly off in the photos, and is actually more pink/red in natural light. I topped it off with a layer of Essie's No Chips Ahead.

As I mentioned before Valentine's Day I made something for my husband that I saw on-line - below, check out a photo of the Candy Card.

Rob had never seen anything like it before an got a lot of cool compliments from his friends so that was exciting.

Hope all your lovely's have a great weekend :-)

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  1. My husband had made me one of these about 12 years ago he's a really good poet so he made a poem out of candy bars it was beautiful and everyomne loved it so much. :)