Jindie Nails - Honey Blue Blue, sTEALth & Silent Night

Today I have the final three polishes that I received from Jindie Nails! They have all been great colors, and these don't disappoint.

First up, Honey Blue Blue:

Jen describes this polish as "This shade was released in November 2012 in the Winter Chic collection.  The name comes from the crazy reality tv child pageant star, Honey Boo Boo.  The toddler says outrageous things like "You betta red-neck-ognize!"  I thought Honey Blue Blue would be a cute play on her nick name :).  It has medium blue crelly base with assortment of green and blue metallic hex.  Opaque in 2-3 coats and meant to be worn on its own."

I am wearing two coats of Honey Blue Blue topped with Gelous and Poshe. This is really a gorgeous shade and I love these teal/blue based polishes!

Next up, sTEALth:

Jen describes sTEALth as " sTEALth:  Matte, velvet finish deep teal crelly with blue, purple and green iridescent and color shifting glitters.   Opaque in 2 coats.  Meant to be worn alone or can be worn with shiny top coat for different look.  Looks fabulous  either way.  This matte polish holds up much better than most and is the same great quality brand base as my other polishes.   Tested this matte base for a week and held fine in normal wear and tear."

I am wearing two coat of sTEALth with no topcoat at all. The iridescent glitters in this polish give it even a little bit of shine without adding topcoat. Matte polishes are so fun and this one doesn't disappoint. I even ordered a mini bottle as a gift for a friend!

Last, but certainly not least, Silent Night:

Silent Night is not available on the Jindie Nails website, but can be purchased from Llarowe. Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock, but you can sign up to be notified when it's available. Llarowe describes this shade as "Deep royal blue true jelly with a purple shimmer to the base, holographic stars and moons and other various shapes of holo and iridescent glitters."

I am wearing two coats of Silent Night topped with Gelous and Poshe. This is a fun shade and the moon and star glitters make Silent Night the PERFECT name!

Weren't these these shades all gorgeous?! Of all the pretties I showed you this week, which were your favorites?!

Don't forget to check out the Jindie Nails Website and Jindie Nails Facebook Page. Also, remember that if you're in the US, you can win a bottle of JINDIE-pendence by entering my current giveaway :)

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Jindie Nails - Tastes Like Snozberries & Zomboy

Happy Wednesday!

Today I have two more pretty polishes from Jindie Nails to show you, Tastes Like Snozberries and Zomboy :)

First up, Tastes Like Snozberries:

Jen describes this beauty as "New shade for Spring 2013.  Taste Like Snozberries has a medium neon purple/magenta crelly base that is fully opaque, with no visible nail line showing, after 2-3 coats.  Added to the bright purple base are large magenta dots, medium magenta dots, bright blue metallic hex in a few sizes & silver holographic hex in several sizes.  This one also has bright blue, deep purple and magenta smaller metallic, sparkly glitters. It applies super easy with little to no fishing required to to get a ton of glitter with each dip."

I am wearing two coats of this shade, topped with Gelous and Poshe. As Jen mentions, there was definitely no fishing for glitter in this polish and tons came out with each broke stroke. (SCORE!)

Next up, we have Zomboy:

This shade isn't currently available on the Jindie Nails website, but you can purchase it through distribution. Mei Mei's Signatures lists Zomboy in stock and describes it as "A deep bluish-purple jelly polish with holo berry, holo rose glitter & royal blue holo glitter and color shifting pink to gold glitter sparkle."

I am wearing two coats of Zomboy, topped with Gelous and Poshe. This shade is ridiculously gorgeous and I couldn't take my eyes off of it when I had it on!

Which of these shades do you prefer? Do you own either?
Make sure to check out the Jindie Nails Website, to purchase available polishes and find authorized distributors, and "Like" Jindie Nails on Facebook!

*Products were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review*


Jindie Nails - Tainted Love Remix & Princess BubbleGum

Back to work; and getting up early. Boo.

Anyway, I have another bunch of Jindie Nails polishes to show you, and today you will be seeing Tainted Love Remix and Princess Bubble Gum.

First up, Tainted Love Remix:

Jen describes Tainted Love Remix as "Tainted Love Remix is the newer version of the popular Tainted Love nail polish released back in August 2012 & named by a fan/customer/friend in a polish naming contest.  I love the name and I love the song it's named after even more :).  The old version was discontinued.  I recently found new neon pink and neon green glitters and have reformulated the shade with the new neon micro glitters.  The old version only had one size of each color of the micro glitters and had a creamy off white toned base and some had a pale pink toned base.  The new, Remix version has two sizes of the each of the new neon micro glitters and two sizes of the matte black micro glitters plus the black hearts all in a pure white crelly base.  The new pure white base is sheer enough to show each layer of glitter through one another, but opaque enough to not show VNL (visible nail line) after 2-3 coats." 

I am wearing two coats of Tainted Love Remix, topped with Gelous and Poshe. I really love this polish, (you know how I feel about white crelly bases) but the black hearts just give it something fun and unexpected!

Next up, Princess Bubble Gum:

Jen describes this shade as "This shade was the first one in the upcoming Adventure Time themed collection.  I started this collection in November but have not yet completed it.  For now, this one is in the core collection until I move it to the new collection later.  This polish is based off of my favorite Adventure Time character, Princess Bubblegum.  I love to watch this cartoon with my son, it's hilarious.   I actually enjoy watching it!  There will be more shades to follow to represent the rest of the awesome characters on the show!  This one is a pastel purple cream/jelly polish with neon pink, neon blue and neon purple small glitters, plus it has gorgeous iridescent blue/purple glitters throughout.  This is officially my favorite polish and has been since it was created.  Opaque in 2-3 coats.  Meant to be worn on its own."

I am wearing two coats of Princess Bubble Gum topped with Gelous and Poshe. I am seriously in love with this shade so hard! It's awesome and pastel, and the micro glitters and iridescent peices give it something extra. Loves it!

These shades can be purchased on the Jindie Nails website, and make sure to check out the Jindie Nails Facebook Page for restock information.

*Products were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review*



The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents - Stamping Week 4


Today I am sharing the fourth and final post of May's Nail Challenge Collaborative theme, STAMPING! I decided to go patriotic :)

Polishes Used:
-OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls
-Joyful Noise Cosmetics - Star Spangled
-Konad - Red
-Konad - Blue
-Hard Candy Matte Top Coat
-Plate: BM-223

I love the idea of these skittles with different colors in the same stamp, and then an accent nail with glitter!! I knew this would look really cute mattified so I did that, although it unfortunately smudged the red stamping a bit. I still think this is a really cute and super fun mani for Memorial Day!

What are you doing to celebrate?

P.S. Make sure to check out the other ladies from the Nail Challenge Collaborative and their stamping manis!


Jindie Nails - JINDIE-Pendence & a GIVEAWAY

Today I have something super special to show you, a Limited Edition polish by Jindie Nails, JINDIE-pendence!

Jen describes this polish as "This polish has the perfect white crelly base.  It is sheer enough to show all the layers of glittery goodness through each coat, but opaque enough to not show VNL (visible nail line) by the second or third coat.  Added to the white crelly base are a few never used before glitters including: Matte blue medium size dots, silver metallic medium size dots (regular silver, not holographc, really fits the holiday theme well), extra large red metallic dots, medium and large white rectangles & matte red diamonds.   
Some other glitters included in this polish are: small metallic red dots, small, medium and extra large matte red and blue squares, tiny matte red, white and blue stars, extra fine red metallic hex, extra fine metallic blue hex."
I am wearing two coats of JINDIE in the pictures, topped with Gelous and Poshe. This polish is awesome for Memorial Day tomorrow and will be great for the 4th of July as well. 
You can purchase Jindie Nails polishes on her website at Jindienails.com and make sure to follow her on Facebook for restock information and giveaways!
Now onto the GIVEAWAY! When Jen previewed this polish I knew it would be a hit, great for the Independence Day, so I went ahead and purchased a separate bottle for a giveaway!

This giveaway will run through June 17th (so you will have enough time to receive it in mail before Independence Day).
This giveaway is only open to US Residents (or those with a US mailing address) at this time.
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Born Pretty Store - Bowknot Heart Flower3D Nail Art Tips Decals Stickers

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Today I am showing you Bowknot Heart Flower 3D Nail Art Tips Decal Stickers from Born Pretty Store. BSP always has lots of fun Nail Art supplies, and these stickers definitely fall into that category.

Here is the photo and link to the stickers:


There are so many different patterns on this sheet and I will be getting a ton of mani's out of this, so I am sure you will see these pop up in future posts as well.

And here is my mani:

Aren't these stickers lovely?! I am wearing this flower pattern over Liquid Lacquer Rain Song. The stickers were super easy to apply, unlike water decals, these are literally just stickers, I peeled off the sheet, stuck to my nails, and went! 

I wore this mani to a bridal shower and the stickers stayed on very well. No wear and tear at all until I removed my polish the next day!

-SUPER SUPER easy application
-Tons of stickers on the sheet so you can get lots and lots of mani's out of this product
-FREE shipping on all orders from Born Pretty Store
-$5.02 for the entire sheet

-There are some larger sized stickers that may not fit on smaller nail beds (although I didn't have this issue)
-They are fuzzy, so I didn't put a topcoat over this mani (although that wasn't really an issue for me either lol)

Overall, I would 100% recommend this Nail Art product to everyone!
Don't forget that you can get 10% off your orders with my discount code below!

*Products were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review*


It's a Color Explosion: Introducing Salon Perfect Neon Collision

Introducing Salon Perfect® Neon Collision for Summer 2013

What happens when you mash up two of this summer’s hottest nail trends: neons and matte glitters? You get an energizing burst of color from the new Salon Perfect® Neon Collision nail polish collection!  

Salon Perfect® floats neon matte fine glitter in a clear base to create this “can’t-not-look” collection of six eye-catching shades that offer complete coverage in 2-3 coats.  Or give nails a blast of nail art by using any Salon Perfect® Neon Collision shade as a one-coat layering polish, or blend two shades to create an easy ombré look.

The Salon Perfect® Neon Collision collection includes:

·         Bang – Orange and yellow collision
·         Exploded – Reddish orange and yellow collision
·         Jolt – Yellow and orange collision
·         Kaboom – Turquoise and yellow collision
·         Shocked – Hot pink and turquoise collision
·         Zapped – Yellow and turquoise collision

Salon Perfect® Neon Collision will launch in June exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide as part of a limited edition promotional display.  Individual shades will retail for $3.98.

From lashes and brow products to nail color and beauty tools, Salon Perfect® has the products needed to get effortlessly gorgeous looks at affordable prices.  View the complete Salon Perfect® collection at www.salonperfect.com.