ShimmerPolish Week - Jovie

Today is my final post of ShimmerPolish Week (I know, I know, it was really only 5 days...) and I will be sharing with you Jovie, which was provided for review.

Jovie is described as a "Pink Opal Holographic Glitter Polish!" and it's a lovely shade!

I used one coat of Jovie over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. This is a lovely and gentle combination and this ShimmerPolish is very angelic. I felt like the lightness of the base washed out some of the pretty glitter though, so I am also planning to try this over a darker shade and will share that with you!

What was your favorite of the ShimmerPolish shades that I showed you this week? I loved them all but I think if I had to pick two of my favorites they would be Vivian and Crystal.

Remember that you can purchase Shimmer Polish on her etsy site, or follow her on Facebook or her website!

*Products were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review*


  1. All the Shimmer polishes you've shown have been amazing! Great colors. Can't wait to see this glitter shown over a dark base too :)

  2. Lovely! :)
    She is named after the most darling baby girl!

  3. It's so soft and pretty but with more colour to it than a lot of the pale glitters you find. This is going on my wishlist!

  4. Jovie is absolutely beautiful!! I agree with you on the angelix part, it's a very whimsical polish!

  5. This is probably my favourite Shimmer Polish yet!