Jindie Nails - Candy Land Remix

Jindie Nails recently had a restock and I was lucky enough to snag two polishes from my wishlist. Candy Land Remix and Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. Today I will be sharing with you Candy Land Remix.

Jennifer describes this as follows: Candy Land Remix is the newer version of the popular Candy Land nail polish.  This polish has another version, the original Candy Land, but the Remix version has the smaller neon glitters in several smaller sizes added to it.  My inspiration for this polish came from a popular board game I used to play as a child.  I played this game growing up and I now play the game with my 6 year old little boy :). He beats me every time! Hope you enjoy it like I do, it's super bright and so much fun to wear!  This polish has a white crelly (cream/jelly)base with extra small, small, medium, large and extra large neon hexagonal shaped glitter.  You may get a few shredded bits of neon glitter as well.  The white base is sheer enough to show each layer of glitter through one another, but opaque enough to not show VNL (visible nail line) after 2-3 coats.  The colors of the neon hexagonal glitters are neon blue, neon orange, neon purple, neon green, neon yellow and neon pink.  The neon glitters in this are transparent, thin and remain stiff, so they can be pesky & might drag a little, but the pay off is WELL worth it!  You will need to use a good top coat for this one.  I use Seche Vite, but there are many great ones out there.  I recently reformulated the Remix and orignal versions of Candy Land to include more glitter, so you will not have any trouble getting a ton of glitter on each dip of the brush.

I have on two coats of polish in these photos, topped with Gelous and Poshe. I am seriously in love with this shade, the neons are sooo fun and you know how I feel about white cream bases! As Jen mentions, I didn't have any trouble getting the neon glitters out and this polish had wonderful application.

Were you able to snag any polishes from her recent restock?
You can purchase this and other Jindie Nails polish when they are restocked at JindieNails.com!


  1. Wow what a awesome polish! The neon glitters in this milky pink base really is a great combination :)

  2. I bagged 6 but missed out on Candyland! Spent too long deciding between Candyland and Nude Beach that by the time I decided it was sold out :( woe.

  3. I really need this polish in my life!