Zoya Lotus & Fishtail Fail

I recently picked up my second Zoya polish ever (I know! Only 2? Crazy, right!?!?). I got Zoya Lotus at Ulta last weekend on Clearance and I LOVE this color! Its a dusty purple with tiny pink shimmer.

Polishes Used:
-OPI - Nail Envy
-Zoya - Lotus
-Out The Door - TopCoat

Then, the next day, I decided I wanted to try a fishtail mani. This turned out to be a complete fail but I'm showing you anyway.

Polishes Added:
-Zoya - Pippa
-Sally Hansen - Celeb City

I didn't wait for any of the polishes to dry before I did the next color so smearing what happening left and right - didn't love the color choices - just wasn't feeling this. Next time I will try to be more patient and take my time on it. (P.S. Ignore the tip wear please, lol)

Have you tried fishtail mani's before? Don't you love Lotus by itself though?


  1. Lotus is gorgeous - and I don't see the braid being a fail...

  2. That's a beautiful color and I love the fishtail mani...it looks great and I love the colors!

  3. There is no chance of me trying that braiding technique. I also have no patience.

  4. love that braid! very pretty!

  5. Love this purple. It's hard for me to pass up a purple with shimmer!

  6. The braid isn't a fail, just try colors that would compliment it better. The base has a gold shimmer in it, so try a gold as one of your braid colors instead of silver. Hope it works out!