Evolve Duos from Gloss48

Happy Wednesday!

I will be sharing with you some fun Evolve duos that can be purchased on Gloss48 starting today!

First let's take a look at the packaging; these come in super cute little tins tied up for the perfect gift for your polish loving friends & family. Now onto the polishes!

Business Woman Basis: A white cream polish, shown is two coats.

Dynamism: A glitter topper consisting of red, gold and white bar glitters. Unfortunately some of the glitters in this shade are curlers :-/

Missy Moo Moo: A crelly white polish with black glitter specs. This one was my favorite of the bunch! Shown is two coats.

Evolver: A spring green cream polish. Shown is two coats.

Holy Black: A black cream polish; shown is one coat. Who doesn't love a good one coat black polish?

Dorothy's Path: A glitter topper consisting of yellow glitters. Shown is one coat.

Aren't those cute duos? Let's find out a little bit more about Gloss48  & Evolve.

  • Gloss48 launches new, indie beauty daily. They are the go-to source to discover the best, latest, most amazing brands that aren't available at Sephora and the department stores. They carefully curate (and try!) all of the products on the site to make sure we are offering up a daily dose of amazingness.
  • For the first seven days that products are on the site, they offer a promotional discount - so that you can try new products without breaking the bank. After the launch week, you can still shop an amazing collection of indie beauty at full price.
  • New members get $10 off of their first order of $30+.
*Products in this post were provided by the distributor for my honest review*

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