Incoco Minimalist Collection

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Today I will be sharing with you the 5 lovely shades from the Incoco Minimalist Collection. "Less is more. The five new shades in Incoco's Minimalist Collection combine classic colors with refined lines and shapes for modern, high-impact nail art in minutes."

Apex: muted gold with a bold reverse-French triangle

Echo: a black & white linear and geometric design

Finale: converging and intersecting purple lines on muted gold

Forte: strong, classic red with a touch of black

Prelude: neutral beige with a slim black color block

I really love the first 3 designs of this collection - the last 2 are nice as well, just weren't really for me because I couldn't seem to get the black even on all the nails - which for someone with a little OCD sometimes was driving me crazy.

All of the strips in this collection had nice flexibility and laid flat on the nail without any wrinkles.

The Minimalist Collection retails for $8.99 per set and is available for purchase at incoco.com on March 31st.


*Product in this post was provided by the manufacturer for my honest review

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