KBShimmer: The Summer Collection - Flakes

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Today I am back with the third and final part of the KBShimmer Summer Collection - the Flakes!!!

Moody Hues: "Rich jewels tones in purple and blue showing off hints of copper at extreme angles"

Look On The Nightside: "This shifting shade goes from a rich green to a violet purple, offers hints of royal blue"

R-E-F-L-E-C-T: "A medium sized silver flakie polish"

I don't own many flakie polishes - in fact, these may be my only ones! All of these polishes are shown with two thick coats of color. The shade shifting polishes are gorgeous and the photos don't do them justice. I took the pictures at night, so I tried to take a couple photos in different lighting around my house to capture the shift.
My favorite polish out of these three was actually R-E-F-L-E-C-T. It is so clingy and I will definitely be wearing this again either as an accent nail or for a full mani.

Here are the descriptions of the other flakes in the KBShimmer Summer Collection!

Foiled: "The smallest of our silver Flakes, Foiled offers the smoothest metallic look of the 4 shades and is best layered for full coverage."
Green Weaver: "From a rosy pink, to an apple green, this shifting shade also shows hints of purple at extreme angles."
Sterling Example: "The largest of our silver flakes, this polish looks great alone or layered for a full coverage look."
Pros and Bronze: "A gold toned flake with subtle shifts to warm bronze and orange with hints of green at extreme angles."
She's Beyond Kelp: "From lime green to blue, this shifting shade picks up shades of grass green and aqua at different angles."
Take The Punny and Run: "A color shifting shade that travels from fuchsia to lime green with shades of gold and copper between, the most vibrant shifting of the flake polishes."
That's Ore Like It: "A large sized silver flake polish, very fun for nail art or layering for full coverage."

These shades along with the rest of the KBShimmer Summer Collection will be available on May 15th at kbshimmer.com (US) and harlowandco.org (International).


*Products in this post were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review

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