31 Day Challenge - Day 7: Black & White

What is Black, White and Read All Over? The Newspaper! haha. I always think of that riddle when I think of black and white, however, I don't think the newpaper tansfer mani would work well for me so I did a Black / White / Stripes / Dots Mani instead!

Black & White Nails:

Polishes Used:
-Nailtiques - Formula 2 Plus
-NYC Color - French White Tip
-Essie - Marshmallow
-Kiss Nail Art - Black
-OTD TopCoat

Please disregard how ghastly my fingers look against this white polish! It is not a color a should be wearing like this! LOL. Oh well! What do you think? I like that the challenge series forces you to get more artistic and creative with each challenge, hopefully I will be able to come up some awesome ideas in the upcoming weeks!

If you're not already following Kelsie, Amanda, Erin and Jess, make sure to check out their BLACK & WHITE NAILS here:


  1. I really like this design! :) I agree that this challenge is forcing us to get more artistic, this mani was like practice for polka dot and stripes lol!

  2. love it! i too hate white on me...ugh it reminds me of jr. high when we would paint our nails with white out!

  3. WOW !! Love it :)

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  4. its so simple and cute...