Swatch: Revlon - Radient

Yesterday at work my pointer finger had a little accident and I'm now down to a stub (soon to be corrected...) so please excuse that nail in the pictures.

I bought Revlon Radient earlier this week when I was at Ulta and was excited to try it out. I normally don't wear glitters, frankens, anything along those "super hard to remove" polishes but this one just seemed so fun and I got it with a coupon ;-)

Polishes Used:
-Revlon - Radient (2 coats)
-Out The Door TopCoat

I used this polish over  my bare nail but I think it would look even better overtop of a blue/teal/black polish. It has small and medium glitters in blue and larger hexagonal glitters in silver, green and blue.

What is your favorite type of polish? Glitters? Jelly? Creme?

Enjoy your first weekend of SPRING!


  1. This glitter is lovely. I like to make jelly sandwiches with jellies and glitter!

  2. Very pretty! I used to be hesitant about glitters as well, but then I found out about the foil removal method and I wear them all the time =)

    1. Jacqui, can you use the foil method on acrylics without ruining them?

  3. It gorgeous! Don't you hate that! Glitters are gorgeous but are the devils work to take off! ugh! ANNOYING! I can't help myself I love glitter even if my fingers suffer with all that 100% Acetone! Love it good choice!