Swatch: Spoiled - Shrimp on the Barbie

I did this quick swatch earlier in the week but saved it for today since I knew I would have other posts coming up for the Girly Girl Challenge.

I always see ladies "mattifing" their shimmery polishes and they look so good! When I tried it though, I didn't love how it turned out; I still love the color, but think I will stick to shiny next time I wear it.

Polishes Used:
-Spoiled - Shrimp on the Barbie (2 coats)
-NYC - Matte Me Crazy

Do you ladies see what I'm saying and why I don't like it? Maybe there is too much shimmer in the polish on its own that it's over-powering the matte? Should I be using two coats of matte polish? Any suggestions on using Matte and the best application are always appreciated.

Overall, I like the color and the application of Shrimp on the Barbie - it's sheer in one coat but covers nicely in two (although not completely opaque). In the pictures it looks a smidge more "hot pink" than it really is, but overall, since it is pink, I know I will end up wearing this polish plenty more in the future.


  1. I usually keep adding matte top coat until I'm satisfied. Recently, I ended up doing 4 coats, but that's not something I'd do again.

  2. I love it but I know what you mean. Sometimes a polish just looks better shiny!

  3. I actually really like the matte effect on this polish! I don't know how the NYC Matte coat is, but my favorite is the Essie one, I am usually satisfied after one coat of that. I find it to be the most matte of all that I have tried.

  4. I love that color! I don't think the matte looks bad at all, but I'd have to see it shiny to compare. I've used the Hard Candy Matte Topcoat and I only use one coat. I think it just depends on preference! I know there are some looks that I don't like matte at all!

  5. I hardly ever 'matte' my polishes, I just can't make myself like it. I guess I am a shiny girl at heart, but I think this polish would look great glossy!