Swatch: Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac + more

So if you were following my post yesterday, you know that my pointer finger had some issues; theremore, I made the decision to get all of my acrylics off and go natural. I am apologizing ahead of time for my pointer nubbin and will talk about natural nails in a bit.

I puchased Lacey Lilac earlier this week when I bought Revlon Radient and hadn't had a chance to use it as an allover color on my nail and wanted to try it out. It was a cute color but of course I couldnt leave it plain so I added a shimmer too.

Polishes Used:
-Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac (2 coats)
-NYC - Love Letters
-Out The Door TopCot

The pictures are really washed out and everytime that I tried to darken them it really threw off the rest of the photo. Sorry ladies!

Let's rewind to February when I put on acrylics; I did it the day my hard-drive crashed because that was sort of the last straw with things, and I couldn't deal with my nails constantly being brittle, peeling, and breaking. When my pointer nail broke off I decided it was time to go natural again. Right now, most of my nails look OK, but I have only had them off for a short period of time and they will probably start breaking soon. What have you ladies used to get your nails stronger? I have heard all different suggestions, but what works for you? I am open to anything, I just want strong natural nails!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


  1. Love the color!!! Which Sally Hansen line is that?
    My nails arent completely long yet but they are getting there the most important part is that they are strong. I use a Garlic treatment nail polish, basically everytime I paint my nails. If you want to make them strong like now, lol then use Sally Hansen Hard as wraps! those make my nails so hard!!!

    If you'll like I have a whole page on what I do monthly go check it out... here's a link


    1. Stephanie - Lacey Lilac is one of the Hard As Nails - Xtreme Wear polishes. I will have to check out your nail care; thanks for the suggestion!

    2. Oh even better I love that line! So pretty!

      - Yea check it out! I love you page by the way <3

  2. What a lovely colour! I love that polish line. They all seem pretty good.

    Sorry for the troubles with your nails. Hopefully they won't start to peel and break again and it was only a phase that they are past.