Swatch: Pure Ice - Scandal

Quick post today, just swatching one of my favorite colors that I haven't worn in a while. This is Pure Ice - Scandal.

Polishes Used:
-Nailtiques - Formula 2 Plus (2 coats)
-Pure Ice - Scandal (2 coats)
-Out The Door TopCoat

So these photos make this color look almost black however, it's actually a dark wine. I have on two coats and it definitly does need at least 2 coats, 1 is just streaky. Sometimes I don't like to wear dark colors in the spring but I don't mind this one, it's one of my trusty favorites.

Do you girls have one (or two, or three...) "go-to" polish that you really like to wear no matter what season?


  1. Gorgeous colour! My go to colour would probably have to be clear... I know I'm sad haha! It's just easy because you can't see if it's chipped ;) haha xx


  2. I bet this looks amazing in real life! Nothing like a dark wine color! :)

  3. I love love this!

    I own a few go to polishes and they are all pink! I gravitate towards the sheer natural pinks when I'm feeling blah!

  4. Gorgeous! I love colors that are so dark they almost look black! My go to color would be a dark blue! Blues always make me feel good!

  5. gorgeous, my go to color would be black or dark purple!