GlitterFest: Sweet Summertime Collection - Strawberry Lemonade

I recently received my order from Rachel over at GlitterFest (her etsy shop is currently on vacation as she is getting married, but you visit her store here) As the shop name implies, shes makes awesome glitter packed polishes. I purchased the Sweet Summertime mini- collection which contained six mini polishes, below are the pictures from her listing and I will be swatching 1 a day :)

From L->R in the first picture, the colors are: Juicy Watermelon, Boys of Summer, Water Wings, Beach Bum, Spray Tan and Strawberry Lemonade.

They all looked awesome and I couldn't decide where to start to I let Rob pick for me :) (It was cute, he started off by holding up the two pinks and saying they were too similar in color so not to swatch them next to each other haha) Anyway, he picked Strawberry Lemonade. Rachel describes this polish as: Mmmmm! This polish is a beautiful, shimmery, berry-red with yellow and gold glitter. Perfect for any occasion summer might have to offer...this one is sweet! =P

Polishes Used:
-Nailtiques - Formula 2 Plus
-GlitterFest - Strawberry Lemonade
-Out The Door - TopCoat

My camera did not want anything to do with capture how awesome this glitter is! Grrr. The polish looks slightly more red-orange in the photos, but in real life it really does remind me of a nice bright strawberry lemonade.

Do you own any GlitterFest polishes?